My Coaster Credits

Fury 325 at Carowinds (not my photo)
Coaster Count: 272

Personal Credit Count: 272

Normal Coaster Count (RCDB): 199

Most recent credit acquisition: Family Coaster, Najaarskermis Breda (funfair), Netherlands | +101cp | 10/17/2021

I have been on quite a lot of roller coasters. Some are big, others are small. Some are well known by enthusiasts and many are not. Because I travel so much, I have been lucky enough to ride some super rare credits in countries where not many enthusiasts have been to. I rode an SLC in Egypt and another one in Chile. I recently rode a Chinese-built wild mouse in Tanzania. I have even ridden a coaster at a fair in Serbia that only operated for a few days! That could have gotten me so many points if only I had started that system earlier. I have also been to a few popular parks including Europa Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, Carowinds and Kings Dominion but this was before I started documenting my park visits. In the future I will continue riding roller coasters around the globe.

*Just to make things clear: I may have included log flumes and splash boat rides, disk-o rides, super loops, alpine slides and certain drop towers into my coaster count. I also count both sides of a racing coaster as two separate credits as long as there is some difference in layout. It may seem like I am cheating at credit counting, but this is simply my way of doing it. The number of roller coasters one rides is subjective and coaster enthusiasts have the right to form their own opinions about what classifies as a credit. The way I see it, anything that uses gravity (with the exception of powered coasters), has wheels and a track, and has changes in speed and elevation counts as a credit. The list of coasters I have on here is what I call my Personalized Credit Count. Because of this, I will have two separate counts.*

  • Click here for the list of all coasters I have ridden before I started The Atypical Coaster Nerd.
  • Click here to see an updated list of all coasters I have ridden since the start of “The Atypical Coaster Nerd. (note there are two tables- the first includes my point system, which I started using in 2020)

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