My Coaster Credits

Coaster Count: 239

Personal Credit Count: 297

Most recent credit acquisition: Ghost Villa*, Kermis Rotterdam fair | +101cp | 5/1/2022. *not on (yet)

I have been on quite a lot of roller coasters. Some are big, others are small. Some are well known by enthusiasts and others are not. Because I travel so much, I have been lucky enough to ride some super rare coasters in countries where not many enthusiasts have been to. I rode an SLC in Egypt and another one in Chile. I recently rode a Chinese-built spinning coaster in Tanzania. I have even ridden a coaster at a fair in Serbia that only operated for a few days! I have also been to a few popular parks including Europa Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, Carowinds, and Kings Dominion but this was before I started documenting my park visits. In the future, I will continue riding roller coasters around the globe, with a fun game I invented.

I have attached a link where you can see every coaster that I can remember riding. It is orgnized in three separate sheets. *The data is for display only, and cannot be replicated or used in any way without my permission*

  • The first one is the list that I’ll be using the most- it includes every roller coaster I have ridden since the start of my points system. It will be updated every time I get a new coaster credit, so I’ll be using this one frequently.
  • The second list is every roller coaster I have ridden from as far back as I can remember up to 2020. In other words, these are all the coasters I did not get points for because I rode them before I created that system. Because of this it will no longer be used and is just for show purposes.
  • Finally, I have a list of what I call “bonus credits”. These are any type of ride that is not quite a roller coaster but could be considered a credit by some coaster enthusiasts. Because they are technically not roller coasters, they are not eligible for points and only show up on my personal coaster count. I will be using this list every once in a while

*The point of this page was to show how I count and keep track of the roller coasters I have ridden and is not a suggestion for other enthusiasts to follow. For everyone else, do it however you wish. If you don’t even want to count your coasters that’s fine too!

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