Most Recent Park: Najaarskermis Breda(October 2021 fair), Netherlands, 10/17/2021- 2 new credits, +101cp

The entrance of Europa Park

I have been to many parks in rare locations all over the world, from Egypt to Chile. Most of these visits were a while ago, but that doesn’t mean I’ll still visit parks around the world. That is why I have broken down every park I have visited by country, because unlike many theme park fans, The Atypical Coaster Nerd focuses on the aspect of international travel. Keep in mind that I did not create the credit points system until 2020, so most of my parks listed do not have any data in that category.

*the list features separate pages for each country. This will soon be updated to an interactive map. Thanks for your understanding.*
  • USA: 26 parks, 158 credits, +919cp
  • Switzerland: 4 parks, 5 credits, +264cp
  • Italy: 2 parks, 8 credits, +101cp
  • Netherlands: 6 parks, 27 credits, +374cp
  • Tanzania: 1 park, 1 credit, +21cp

Want to see more? Click here for a detailed list of every park I have visited by country!

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