Most Recent Park: Planards Chamonix, France. 2 credits, 50 total points

The entrance of Europa Park

I have been to many parks in rare locations all over the world, from Egypt to Chile. Most of these visits were a while ago, but that doesn’t mean I’ll still visit parks around the world. In this list, I have broken down every park I have visited by country, because unlike many theme park fans, The Atypical Coaster Nerd focuses on the aspect of international travel.

*COVID-19: due to the ongoing pandemic, I along with many enthusiasts and people alike, have not been able to travel as much as we want to. All of my park visits planned in the near future are within my current country of residence, or within a country that I will be visiting for more important reasons.

When planning a visit, make sure to check the park’s websites for any updates on entry restrictions, as it is very confusing right now. Stay safe, protect the people around you, and have fun! We are in this together!

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