I Visited Theme Parks During The Pandemic And Did Not Catch The VIRUS!

Now back to the main question:


Or should you just wait a year or two until this whole thing blows off, 'cuz it will not "just one day disappear", you know?

For us enthusiasts, roller coaster withdraw is a very real thing. Thankfully, most amusement parks that have reopened have done so by coming up with many ways to keep people safe. For the most part, the risk of infection does not seem too high. Of course, just like any public gathering there is a risk, and you must keep the risk in mind. But does this ruin the fun? Can you still have a great park visit while worrying about getting sick? The answer is- IT DEPENDS.

It depends on how much you care, what parks you go to, what people you encounter, and many other circumstances that would not even be there if these were “normal” times. For me, going to amusement parks was a hit-or-miss experience. On Monday, June 29, I had the time of my life at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, where I was convinced that now is the best time to be doing this sort of thing. One day later, my experience at Sea World completely changed my opinion. Up until then, knowing that any of the people surrounding me could put me in an overcrowded hospital did not spoil the fun. At Sea World, however, I felt that it was difficult to focus on the wonderful sounds and sensations when instead I had to deal with a rowdy crowd that decided it would be a good idea to take off their masks for a smoking break. Or when I wanted to admire the sounds of Texas Stingray but instead I heard someone coughing and got nervous. The more I was exposed to these things, the more they bothered me. Eventually, I decided it was enough, and that after one more ride on Steel Eel, I would be done for the year.

I am not tired of roller coasters, though. If coronavirus did not exist, I would have been driving all the way to Dallas on that same night. Instead, I drove back to my Airbnb in Houston, satisfied with what I got.

*The “you” is only referring to coaster enthusiasts who cannot go a single year without riding a roller coaster. If you are a GP or in that 80% of regular park quests, you can wait.

My Word of Advice

Don’t let this pandemic stop you from doing your favorite thing, but make sure you do it with safety in mind. I created this guide to not only reflect on my experience, but also to help other coaster enthusiasts through these times. Take a moment to read through the first page, and try to follow these recommendations when you visit an amusement park. If you really don’t want to wear a mask in the summer heat, please, just don’t go. If you really don’t care about any of this, again, just don’t go. Remember that the goal here is to protect others, protect yourself, and still have fun! That’s all for now. Good luck!

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