Taron at Phantasialand in one word: Incredible!

The best launched coaster I have ever ridden!

What a beauty! Twisting and curving through Klugheim.
Friday, July 19, 2019

Taron has been on my bucket list ever since it opened in 2016. Between the stunning theming of the Klugheim area, the sexy twisted track, the two launches and the near- miss elements, this coaster has always been quite intriguing. In july of 2019 I was finally able to ride it. Let me just say that I had pretty high expectations for this ride, yet I was still blown away! Here is my full review of this insane world-class Intamin blitz coaster…

Theming: 9.5/10

Phantasialand is well known for its exceptional theming. This is seen throughout the park, but I think we could all agree that the best themed area is Klugheim. Before entering the queue, the grey rockwork and wooden buildings really set the mood. The way that the coaster’s track interacts with the surrounding area is simply a masterpiece of art. Unfortunately, most of the theming is in the surrounding area rather than in the queue. That being said, the ride does an outstanding job of interacting with it. You will dive under trenches, burst through buildings, and even accelerate past a waterfall. This aspect just makes the ride that much more enjoyable! I also appreciate how the ride operators are dressed up in knight-like costumes.

Notice the rockwork in the back and the design of the roofs. This building serves as the coaster’s station.

Operations and Efficiency: 5/5

As you would expect from such a popular theme park, operations are pretty much flawless on every coaster. When I visited, Taron was running at least five trains and with approximately thirty seconds of dispatch time for each! There are also bins on the ride platforms, which you can access from either side, allowing you to simply leave your belongings and pick them up once you get off. Another thing to take note is the separate queue for the front row. Once you get near the station, there is a sign for the front row line that reads, “approximately 60 minutes beyond this point”. Strangely enough, this was never the case as everybody fell for it and did not want to wait in that line. Because of this trick I was able to get the front row on pretty much every ride, which was awesome because Taron is definitely a front-seat-coaster.

Trains and Restraints: 5/5

Taron uses new state-of-the-art trains that feature lap bars similar to the ones found on Pantheon and Hyperion. Any coaster enthusiast would most definitely prefer a coaster with lap bars over a coaster with shoulder or vest restraints. The open trains and small lap bars allow riders to be flung all over the place with all kinds of crazy forces. The trains feel a lot like those on a B&M hyper or giga.

Smoothness: 9/10

For the most part, Taron is quite a smooth ride. Intamin track only produces minor rattles but nothing bad. On my first few rides, there was a noticeable rattle but this went away as the coaster warmed up. Overall, the slight rattle was not a problem and did not affect the overall ride experience.

Layout: 8.5/10

This coaster has a very confusing layout- so confusing that I was not able to memorise it a few months after visiting the park! Usually I can memorise a layout soon after I get more than two rides on a coaster, but with Taron, this was hard to do. Taron is probably the most twisted roller coaster on earth, and the amount of tunnels and trenches it goes through makes it even more confusing. The coaster stays low to the ground at a maximum height of only 98.4 feet, but is currently the fastest of its kind at 72.7 mph! This speed is achieved at the end of the second launch. The two launches split the ride in two sections which are basically the same- lots and lots of twists, turns, dips and helixes. Overall it is a very strong layout but could use some more airtime and maybe an inversion or two.

Intensity and Fun Factor: 10/10

Before riding Taron, I knew it would be an intense ride. I never expected it would be as intense as it actually was, however. The first launch felt a lot faster than it really is, and the second launch is one of the most insane elements I have experienced on any coaster! There is something indescribable about going into another launch with that much speed already. It is insane!

After both launches there is an overbanked turn that provides blackout-inducing g-forces! After the first launch there was a surprise pop of excellent ejector airtime that surprised me. The comfortable trains are holding you in with just a lap bar, so expect to be flung around all over the place. The ride is non stop action from start to finish, and it is long! This coaster HAULS! Every element is taken with speed and force. A few rides consisted of me blacking out on a turn and waking up to my body being ejected out of my seat. This happened many times throughout the course, and no, I am not exaggerating! The coaster is actually that intense! Taron is definitely one of the most intense roller coasters ever built and it totally blew me away! It is so much fun weaving in and out of the structures. Again, I knew this ride would be good but I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. Despite the half-hour wait that day, I just had to get back in line and ended up riding it at least four times in a row.

Score Breakdown
Theming (max. 10 pts)9.5
Operations and Efficiency (max. 5 pts)5
Trains and Restraints (max. 5 pts)5
Smoothness (max. 10 pts)9
Layout (max. 10 pts)8.5
Intensity and Fun Factor (max. 10 pts)10
Total (max. 50 pts)47

Overall, this is an impressive score showing that from my experience, Taron is one of the best roller coasters ever built. Those few extra points are very hard to get, and there is no such thing as a perfect roller coaster. For what it is, Taron is phenomenal! For my personal score I am giving it a 10, a.k.a World-Class Coaster status.

Video credit: Pleasure Beach Experience

Taron is truly an underrated coaster, and one of the best in the world. It is fun, it is fast, it is intense, and it is smooth. What more can you ask for? After one ride I had already decided that Taron is currently among my top five coasters I have ever ridden. It is also my current favorite launched coaster. That could possibly change this summer when I ride Maverick, but we’ll see about that.

If you are a coaster enthusiast, you have to ride Taron and Phantasialand. It is awesome!

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